My Best Friends

My best friends are Akiles and Geniepink.

Online, I give them a wink.

They’re such a sight,

Not a fright,

They help you when you sink.

Only the problem is THEY’RE NOT ONLINE. No thanks to SOMEONE giving us an assignment when its 1 day till sem-break!! But I don’t think that’s the reason.And for the record, NOT A SINGLE PERSON ON MY LIST IS ONLINE!! They’re probably doing homework (‘cher only gave us 1 HW in math!) or something about the dance thing…

Anyway, SRB2 Riders finished today. It’s a really cool game. Except its so fast like SMS. It’s really fun once you get to learn to control it. Whats confusing me are the walls. You can’t clearly see if you will go left or right. But overall, its a cool game.

Still, NO ONES ONLINE :'(!!!

What the Puff Guins are they DOING anyway!?

Well, cya


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