Sem-Break Time!!

wHaT TiMe iS iT?!? SEM BREAK TIME!! For one week, I’m gonna play SRB2! Also, CP has a 3rd Anniversary party. It’s going to be held at Town. I’ve also heard that CP is having a party at New York!

By the way, I found a Wad File online (related to SRB2) of SMS, and SA-SRB2. I unlocked the Secrets menu (yay!!). The ultimate cheat closes the game. If you read the SRB2 Wiki, you won’t get prank’d. I’m browsing the SRB2 Forums. My username there is cpenny0507. Well, SRB2 Riders is a tough game, but really cool! I must say that Adventure Example zone (SRB2 Secrets) is pretty hard. Since I have unlocked Secrets, time to unlock God Cheats. I really don’t understand the God Cheats, but I’m reading the SRB2 wiki to find out. I want to go to Red Volcano Zone, but it’s pretty hard to play a game 3 times IN A ROW. I’m downloading something for SRB2. I have SRB2, SRB2 Riders, and I’m gonna test ShufflarB2. Here I am trying to find out a cheat to unlock the God Menu… or something like that. I’m supposed to be using Google Chrome, but it’s WAY SLOW and hangs in the middle of something. “What the puffguins? You said Chrome is fast! WTP is wrong with it!?” I may ask (WTP = what the puffguins). Chrome is slow, but I don’t know how to fix that. It works well with Akiles and Wilkicky but why is mine so SLOW and, well, CRAPPY!? I’m still reading about SRB2 though. I’m excited to use Chrome agian, but it WILL NEVER be my default browser due to SLOWNESS. If it hangs, the task manager won’t launch or something. I shall finish SRB2 three times so I will go to RVZ1 (for the very first time!!). Also, I will try to unlock the God Cheats 🙄 so I could know whats in it. And besides, I haven’t seen a picture of the God Menu before 😯 . So I’ll do my best to accomplish the goal of RVZ and God Cheats. Although I try and try again (I swear.. no wads, cheats… ANYTHING!!) nothing ever happened. RVZ, for instance, I finished the game for like, 3 times. I jump and annoy RVZ on his house and NOTHING happened. So, heres my next chance. With a new challenge of the God Menu (because I haven’t tried unlocking that yet. Ringyo probably unlocked it already <_<), I will (probably) achieve my goal in SRB2. I hope :mrgreen: . Okay so it’s tiring. I’d rather play SRB2 Riders instead 😛 . Bye!!


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