SRB2 Riders and SRB2JTE

SRB2 Riders is a fun, fast game. You will be riding in a board. Special abilities are of rail grinding, air rings flight, and rock breaking. In SRB2 Riders, it is COMPLETELY different from SRB2. You have the Uber Run which will make ANY character go really fast, even Tails. There are 25 levels in SRB2 Riders. My favorite is the Digital Dimension. Although RVZ might not be as good as this level, it would be so cool if SRB2 Riders would mix with the original SRB2. But it would look weird to see Tails flying with a board! Back to Digital Dimension. At first I was scared to play there since the B/W room hurt my eyes A LOT. But I got used to it. It’s the best room in Riders. 

Now about SRB2JTE… I haven’t downloaded it yet. I’ve read about the Supervirus. Also, I clicked on JTE’s user link and I got a Not-So-Super-Supervirus which is just a picture of him tinted red (duh). And a few minutes today while reading about Supervirus (again. I have probably read it 20 or 15 times), I thought “Hey. Maybe JTE isnt a mean guy. Maybe he’s really nice. So why would I, or anybody else, be afraid? He isn’t real for Pete’s sake. I survived watching Ghost Rider!! Or maybe I didnt…” and I thought of telling it to Ringyo. Except he isn’t online. 



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