SRB2 Netgame With Ringyo

Okay so things dont work out that well. I’m hosting a game and Ringyo can’t get in… hmm…. I already gave him my IP. 

*A few centuries later…*

OMG Ringyo sent me a link to HMS123311 wad!! I dont even know if it works T_T. 

*20 minutes later….*

GAHH!! Here’s a little sample from our chat:

Ringyo: wow

Me: how stupid

Me: who would make someone to be proven fastest if he cant multithok, run on water….. everything SMS has and more?

Me: and what kind of spindash sound effect is bssssschewwww?

No offense…. But my favorite part of all wads is the SPEED. I like HMS too, but I think I’ll stick with SMS…. until Ringyo gets to find my netgame!!


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