The New Game: Card-Jitsu

In Club Penguin, they launched a new game: Card-Jitsu.


Here is the Ninja Belts Legend Screen:


Picture by me.

I haven’t won any belts yet 😆 but I hope I do.

If you hover your cursor on the green pillow, you will see Sensei appear. Also before we knew his name was Sensei, look:

?????? = Six question marks

SENSEI = Six letters

Also, if you get a black belt and beat Sensei, you will become a ninja. I tried beating Sensei, but it seems like CP programmed it to get my card and beat it.

Me and Wilkicky

At first I thought this game was hard and boring but I got used to it so I had a lot of fun! 😀 enjoy the new game!!


My Multiply

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